Introduce Bonnie Scot massage provider in Ottawa

Who I am

Introduce Bonnie Scot massage provider in Ottawa...

My name is Bonnie and it's my preference to be called that.  I am a pretty easygoing , intelligent, mature lady with a quick sense of humor. I'm a 5'6" curvy Scottish lass with gorgeous golden brown eyes !


 I have been an established provider of authentic deep tissue massage with loving sensuality for almost 10 yrs in the Ottawa West area. Above all else, I value a genuine and enjoyable encounter with my clients. You can always expect professionalism, discretion and courtesy when spending time together.

Note: I designed this site myself and am continuing to add content. Enjoy !

Things I Enjoy

Gentlemen who understand that chemistry begins in the mind. 

Cooking gourmet meals. I am a rather skilled home "chef".  To me it's another form of art. I love creating new flavor combinations on a blank food "canvas".

Time spent creating in my studio .Either sketching in charcoals and painting  in acrylics or improving my photography and editing skills. 

Home decorating and renovations. Really it doesn't get more sexy than a woman with power tools !

Listening to classic rock and really good blues music on the vintage stereo system that I patiently put together one piece at a time till the sound was pristine.

I'll leave you with ..

One of my favorites.

Although I love reading - I am not a literary "snob". In fact I don't even read poetry !  More like whatever exciting fiction grabs my attention.

 This poem resonates for me though. It reminds me of my inner strength on days when it's elusive. 

It speaks to the  person I strive to be . 

Self Pity

I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
 without ever having felt sorry for itself.     


D H Lawrence