Etiquette for booking in Ottawa


Your time is valuable and I always respond as promptly as I can and provide the full time booked and am punctual.

I ask that you return the courtesy by being mindful of my time also.

When booking please be polite and briefly introduce yourself . 

A first name introduction is just fine .

 Please indicate the date time and duration of your desired appointment .

 If you feel you need a more in depth conversation .. that would need to be booked as a "chat" appointment and the associated fee prepaid. 

I do not engage in explicit chat and if your contact with me is becoming inappropriate I will disengage. 

See my screening policy for more info.


Your Appointment

Please arrive on time. There is no need to be early. In fact I may not be ready early and this forces me to rush about which is not a great energy to start our visit with. 

Please follow any booking protocols such as when to confirm, parking instructions etc.

Please have the correct donation and put it on my dresser at the start of your appointment. I hate having to ask .. it's awkward. 

Should you become physically or verbally aggressive in any way during your appointment or demanding of services by either physically OR verbally pushing the limits stated here ... your appointment will be terminated and  NO  refund issued. 

This is NON negotiable. If you refuse to leave or choose to argue about my policy... I will not hesitate to to take further action to ensure my safety. 


Please respect my time and the time of other potential clients.  

See my cancellation policy for more info.


An Enjoyable Encounter

Personal Hygiene. I wish I didn't need to explain this one. You would think it's a given, but ....Please be clean and remember to wash the "nooks and cranny's" , use deodorant and be neatly groomed in your private parts.

 I already use dental floss .. I prefer to not use "natural fibers" from you ! lol

Fresh  breath and a fresh body smell make a more pleasant encounter for me which will mean a more enjoyable time for you !

Shower facilities are available for your use. I just ask that you be a gentlemen and please use the removable shower head to rinse the tub when you are finished. Thanks 

Honest Intent

Having a great visit together is really pretty easy ! All I ask is that you be a sincere gentlemen with a genuine intent to have a mutually respectful , enjoyable and of course sensual interaction. Thank you for taking the time to read my Etiquette for booking in Ottawa