Q & A ....and a little T !


What does independent mean ?

It means that I work for myself and am not associated with any other individuals or agencies. I work from home. I work alone. I am the person you will spend time with. No surprises. 

Should I tip or bring a gift ?

Tips and gifts are not expected but certainly always appreciated .

 I think this small gesture speaks volumes about your intention as a gentlemen.

 I do not drink alcohol. 

Because of allergies and dietary restrictions, a gift card  or tip is a better alternative and usually goes towards items for my home !

Are you and your location discreet ?

Absolutely. I respect your privacy. Although this website is new ... I am not. I have been a provider for nearly 10 years . I appreciate your situation and the need for discretion.

As for my location - I work from a private residence... so it is discreet.

Discretion also works both ways so I ask that you follow the parking instructions I give you.

 This is NOT optional. I value my privacy and the fact that I have NEVER had issues with the neighbors so I  really don't appreciate it when you do things that draw unwanted attention.  I have reasons for asking you to park where I do .... and if you think you know better ... then please just keep on driving .

Sometimes clients think they are being "smart" and  "discreet" by ignoring my instructions and parking down the street and suspiciously waiting in their car till the appointment time and then walking to my place. Ya, dude because that doesn't make me look like a sketchy dr*9  . d-eal -r. Especially if multiple clients do that on a regular basis !  Use some common sense please. 

***Also , I do not drink or use anything else and if you show up in that state you will be refused an appointment . Please respect that it is not something I want in my life. 

Do you offer "extras" like shared showers, fetish, kissing or oral on you ?

No. What I offer is a nude (with gentle touching of my body) ..real deep tissue massage with a blow your mind ending for a reasonable rate in a comfortable , clean and quiet location.  

I don't join clients in the shower but you are welcome to use my facilities within your scheduled appointment time .

Please see my Etiquette page for policies on clients who try to get services that are not offered

Does " touching your body" mean mutual masturbation ?

There seems to be some confusion about this . lol . It means exactly that ... gentle touching all over my body is enjoyed. Imagine the type of touching that occurs in the champagne room with an exotic dancer.

I do not offer "mutual" masturbation and I don't orgasm for clients. If your idea of "gentle touching" is to glue your hand to my lady junk,  and rub furiously as if your life depends on it  ... then I am not the provider for you. lol. 

On the other hand if you appreciate my honesty... we could be great together !

I have tried texting/calling multiple times and you never reply

 I am discerning about the clients I see in order to ensure that we both enjoy each others time.

Whether  or not I am available does not automatically give you the "right" to an  appointment. On the other hand , being an independent business owner  does give me the right to only see clients who are polite and respectful  towards myself,  and my booking and screening practices. Most genuine  gentlemen are understanding of this.

 Sometimes I am just busy and cannot reply right away


 if you have tried on multiple occasions and NEVER get a reply ..... that IS your reply. Please  move along. I do not engage in a discussion about this or reply with an explanation. Sadly, experience has taught me that every time I try to politely tell a client that I am "not comfortable seeing them but genuinely wish them well" it leads to the client not taking no for an answer. They  become demanding and often downright verbally abusive. Personally I think it is more fair to tell a client that I am not comfortable seeing them but for my sanity and safety I have learned that this just doesn't work. 

So why should I choose you ?

 Really it comes down to what is important to you ...

  • do you need  a proper deep tissue massage to relieve pain or stress ?
  • are you looking for a down to earth intelligent lady that you can genuinely connect with and talk  to ?
  • are you looking for someone who is mature enough to understand sensuality and has the experience to give you amazing oral pleasure ?
  • are you looking for someone who is honest and gives you all the time you book for with no hidden fees ?
  • are you looking for a lady who is just herself  - which means that you can just relax and be yourself too ?
  • are you looking for a provider with an actual dedicated massage room and real table ?
  • are you tired of games, drama and fakes ?

If you answered yes to the above .. it sounds like we are a good match ! 

Be prepared when booking

  • initial contact by text preferred. Use a valid phone number (required the first time I see you - no exceptions - see screening policies)
  • provide a discreet time that I can call you back - first time you book only  (I don't hold appointments until this is done)
  • provide your first name and a BRIEF introduction
  • suggest a date, time and duration of the appointment you desire (it is also good to have an alternate time in mind in case I can't accommodate your first pick)

Getting the address

 After your appointment is booked you will be asked to contact me at a SET TIME to obtain the address.  The reason the time to get my address is set,  is so that it is BETWEEN my other appointments. I am sure you would not appreciate if I was on the phone during YOUR appointment so please be mindful of my and my other clients time.  If I do not hear from you at the arranged time or you respond late one of two things will happen:

    1. after 15 min late to contact me for the address....you will be considered a no-show and your appointment will  be given to someone else    

 2. I will be in my next appointment already and will not answer the phone so by the time I get back to  you it  will be too late to proceed with your appointment which will also be considered a no show  since it impacts my scheduling.        

 ***If the time I suggest for you to get my address does not work for you please let me know and we  can work it out  because I DO NOT answer my phone/texts when I am in an appointment.   ***please do not confuse this with confirmation. By the time you are at the point of obtaining the  address your appointment is ALREADY BOOKED AND CONFIRMED and subject to cancellation  policies.
     If you claim ignorance and cancel shortly before your appointment at the time you were supposed to be texting for the address you will be subject to the short notice cancellation policy.


  I have told a client that the appointment is RESERVED for them. Please contact me one hour before the scheduled appointment to GET THE ADDRESS. So when they don't text for the address and I remind them that they had an appointment booked to which they were a no show... their reply is

 "Gee, I thought I was supposed to text an hour before to "confirm". I never texted cause "something came up".  Gosh darn, silly me" .


My schedule changes slightly so in an effort to be accommodating  I am able to offer a client an earlier time than what he had originally booked. I text him with the offer. I get no reply and in fact I finally hear from him 25 minutes late for when he was supposed to text me for my address. At this point I am no longer able to accommodate the appointment but despite being almost half and hour LATE to text me for my address... what I get from him is a smart a** attitude because apparently he is put out !

 That kind of stuff  is not going to fly with me, especially since it is explained here.  

 In person I am very down to earth but perhaps the above will give you some insight into the vast amounts of nonsense service providers have to deal with .... multiple times... every single day.

 I have gone to great lengths to provide clear information in order to minimize the things that take the joy out of my day in an attempt to stay positive which in turn benefits you. 

Thank you for your patronage  and don't forget to tip your server ! lol.