Before you contact me

I screen every potential client

 I  do not  book clients without a valid phone number. 

What that means is  that I DO NOT REPLY to blocked numbers, texting apps, VoIP or similar.

 I  absolutely respect your privacy , please respect that I am inviting you  into my home and I require valid information for safety and  verification only. 

Your information is confidential and I will never  contact you without consent.

When you are ready to book( and ONLY when booking the first time )  a brief call back from me to the number you are using will be required. 

In  this day and age of "spoofed" fake numbers or simply just fellows  trying to book from Canadian Tire's customer line (yes, it does ... a brief callback gives me peace of mind.

***When I see you in person for your first appointment you can ask me about alternative ways to book future appointments.

Out of town guests :

(please note I do not offer outcalls. I see guests at my location only.)

Will  need to provide a valid cell phone number for screening purposes (not just the hotel number) AND  verify that they are actually in Ottawa. A quick call back to your hotel room will suffice. When you leave me a message please provide your FULL name and room number since many   hotels ask for the guests name before they will transfer the call and I don't like being put on the spot and looking foolish.  

The reason for this policy when booking with me is that  some gents think it's "fun" to just try and obtain free  chat and play games by booking appointments when they are not even really here in Ottawa !

 To the genuine  gentlemen out of town guests , I apologize for any inconvenience &  thank you for understanding

*** If you are from out of town and not staying at a hotel just let me know. There are other quick ways to verify that you are in Ottawa.


 Cancellations within 3 hrs of your appointment time will be subject to a $50

cancellation fee payable prior to re booking.

"No shows" may be given the opportunity to book again if the cancellation fee + new appointment  cost is fully paid in advance. 

Please respect my time and the time of other potential clients. 

Of course sometimes emergencies  happen...and exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for clients I have seen before.