My feelings about reviews

A word about  "review boards". Although some sites are moderated and do not allow derogatory or fake reviews - many other sites are not moderated which means that anyone from another service provider to a client who has been refused service ( for very valid reasons such as aggressive behavior etc ) can post whatever they like .. true or not. 

So as a potential client please be aware of this and use your better judgement. 

Honestly, I would say to follow your intuition. If the lady seems professional and genuine ... that will be your best indicator. 

I also find that those "kind" of reviews tend to be very explicit and do not attract the sort of clientele I would enjoy spending time with. 

If you would like to send an email with a few tasteful words about our time together I appreciate the feedback. Just let me know at the end of your session and I will provide the email address. 

Wishing you safe, enjoyable and mutually beneficial encounters. Bonnie

In the gentlemen's words...



Thank you Richard. It was truly a pleasure spending time with you. 




So glad to hear it Derek, and thank you for the compliment. Bonnie



Thanks Claude , it was so nice to meet you.



Thanks Dan. Don't work too hard. lol. Bonnie